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Amenities at Briarwood Health Care

Briarwood Health Care is dedicated to providing trained professionals responsible for resident evaluation, goal setting, program planning, and treatment. Our many beneficial services include:

• 24-hour Skilled Nursing Care
• Speech Therapy
• Portable X-ray
• Clinical Lab
• Special Diets
• Occupational and Physical Therapy
• Complete Activities Program
• Religious Services for All Faiths
• Podiatry, Dental and Optometry Services
• Medicare and Medical Certified

Briarwood Health Care is for Short Term Care
Briarwood Health Care is an important component in the care, progression and conclusion of short term rehabilitative care. Our goal is to help you return to your home with as much independence as possible.

Briarwood Health Care is for Long Term Care
The staff at Briarwood Health Care is an attentive extended family for the long term care of our residents. We provide a sympathetic shoulder and ear for our residents to express themselves freely with no inhibitions.

Briarwood Health Care is for Hospice
Briarwood Health Care provides a calm and comfortable setting for someone who is coming to the closure of this life.

Briarwood Health Care is for Respite Care
Briarwood Health Care provides a helping hand when your regular caregiver takes their vacation, is called away for a family emergency, or for you to replenish yourself.

Ancillary Services
Physical, occupational and speech therapists along with each resident's physician plan for each resident to obtain their maximum potential and goal of becoming as independent as possible.

Our registered dietician and our dietary manager are able to tailor diets to each resident's personal and therapeutic preference. Nutritional value and enjoyment along with assorted variety create distinct menus that can fit anyone's desired food preference.

Our activity staff has created an entertaining and varied social activities program. Volunteers from the community are an important element that help our residents stay connected. Activities are designed for each individual. Room visits and exercise are all a part of your family members day.

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